Training & Expertise

We provide a team of experts and the best fieldworkers to ensure a high quality training

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Learning organizations that demonstrate value to the business through change management strategies that deliver results continuously are more likely to receive future investment from the business.

BIENGINEERING’s position in providing consulting solutions for clients is to develop and implement corporate development programs that drive a higher level of business value—increased revenue, reduced operating costs, improved quality, etc.

We focus on enabling employees to

  • reap the benefits of knowledge or skill development faster.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and future sales opportunities.
  • Advise learning teams on how to make the best purchasing decisions.
  • Leverage analytics to create custom, tailored and targeted learning solutions that efficiently meet organizational learning objectives.
Who we are

Our Business & Philosophy

More than 11 years of expertise in aeronautical/automotive technical direction and management of transfer projects around the world (B787, B737 Max, A320 Neo, F5X, F6X…) with a wide range of trips to aircraft manufacturers (BLAGNAC , SEATTLE…) we offer a support service by providing you with a consultant / Methods / Quality Records Engineer or a CAD support engineer who will be ”Plug&Play” through the monitoring and tracking system that we carry out with this one, which largely sets us apart from the existing competition today.

We master customer specifications (AIPI, AIPS, etc.) and current documentation (DVI, FIT, LIC, PV, etc.)


Building agility & excellence

  • Digital transformation for engagement, global access and transparency
  • Mobile and virtual workforce strategies
  • Expert Instructional Design Execution, Staff Augmentation and/or Strategy
  • Rapid authoring development services 
  • Intelligent automation including robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI)
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